Building a Business in the 21st Century for Purpose and Impact

Discover the principles that define Business Success in the 21st Century and how you can bring your most authentic vision to life

"The world of business has changed.

There is a new way to create, lead and grow businesses that are successful and serve the good of humanity.

It’s no longer just about profit. 

It's about purpose, vision and leading with your true life's mission – creating something deeply meaningful in the world."

Dear fellow entrepreneur,


I believe that the role of business and entrepreneurs is critical for the evolution of humanity and that it takes a new type of leader to run a business that serves our collective evolution.

Having run businesses for the last 30 years, I've experienced a shift from greed, scarcity and competition to a new way of doing business. It's about leading with an abundance mentality, where impact and cooperation are the new normal.

In co-founding AWAKE BUSINESS, we're redefining what business success in the 21st century looks like and sharing with people how to actually apply the new rules of business in their own endeavours.

As entrepreneurs, it's so easy for us to get caught up in just pushing targets for the sake of growth and not staying true to our own authenticity.

It's time to bring a new consciousness to our creativity and leadership demonstrating a new way of entrepreneurship in the 21st century.


Daniel Wagner
Co-Founder of AWAKE BUSINESS  


A New Way To Measure Business Success

When consulting with businesses and leaders, we're always looking at two criteria: Authenticity and Effectiveness. We have found that these two criteria alone measured across the 5 areas of business are the most powerful metrics to use.


One of the first things we look at is how authentically is the leader's or owner's vision expressed throughout the company. This is the absolute most fundamental aspect to first address, as this has the biggest impact throughout all aspects of business. 


At the heart of any company are the people who lead and run it. We look at the effectiveness of the leadership as well as identifying if the sales & marketing is effective in realising the company's mission.

The 5 Areas of Business Success

Authenticity and Effectiveness across these five areas is how we define a truly successful company

Ask yourself some of the following questions...

When working with startups and existing businesses, we ask a set of simple questions to quickly establish how they're doing. Just check for yourself - do you have clear answers in all five areas?


  • Are you inspired by your own leadership?
  • Are you connected to your own creativity?
  • Are you leading from joy and purpose?
  • Are you upholding a vibrant culture that inspires creativity and leadership in others?
  • Is the leadership based on clearly defined and authentic values?


  • Do you your own personal mission?
  • Do you actually have a true and meaningful vision for your company?
  • Is this truest vision for the company being realised?
  • Is the team and leadership in service to this vision?
  • Does this vision inspire people to want to work with you?


  • Is your marketing authentic and reflective of the company's vision?
  • Are you satisfied with your sales process and results? 
  • In which areas is your company limiting itself with mediocre operations?
  • Does the branding and messaging authentically reflect your company and its vision?
  • Have you got the right people doing the right things?


  • Does your company have a true impact on the world?
  • How do you measure if your impact matches your intention? 
  • In which areas could the company amplify its impact with small tweaks?


Does your company create abundant profit through authentic and effective business operations?

A video message from the founders of AWAKE BUSINESS


The Founders of AWAKE BUSINESS

Daniel Wagner

Imagineer, Visionnaire & Philanthropist

A successful creative entrepreneur and marketer, having built multiple six and seven figure companies and brands. Daniel's has been sharing his experience and success with thousands of people around the world from stage and through his publications and programs.

At age 50, he spent two years of inner exploration, and he now focuses his time and efforts on his mission to help create a new normal for human consciousness and the redefinition of the role of men and business in the 21st century to serve our collective evolution.

Anthony Thompson

Visionary, entrepreneur and mentor to awakening leaders

After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony has traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to access our dormant intelligence.

Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & transformational guide, his work is now focused on bringing men into true leadership through embodying the full spectrum of their masculine qualities. 

Anthony is constantly recognised to have an incredibly rare gift for activating people to "wake up" to who they really are, and lead their lives boldly. 

What Other Business Owners Have Experienced

"I attended one of Daniel's courses back in 2010 and he was well ahead of his time even back then. He's a genius marketer, intelligent communicator and one of the best presenters I've ever come across. We made millions together and we helped thousands of people become financially independent in the process. If you have a chance to meet him, do it!"

Rob Moore
Author, Entrepreneur, Businessman & Motivational Speaker

"As a conscious company in the self-development arena we looked for someone like Daniel Wagner for literally a decade. Over the last two and a half years of working with Daniel we have finally brought our business into the 21st century, streamlining our business offering, defining our brand and market position and heading towards increased revenue and profit. His combination of consciousness, business and marketing experience makes Daniel a rare individual and I'd highly recommend you check him out."

Kevin Billett
Kevin Billett - CEO of The Journey and Bestselling Author

"I met Daniel first in 2008 when he was already a well known and internet marketer in the UK. I joined his program and we worked together for the next 8 years, building multiple six and seven figure businesses while still maintaining my lifestyle with a young family. If you have a chance to work with Daniel, I'd recommend it highly."

James Watson
Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant And Trainer

What's so special about the AWAKE BUSINESS approach?

We are ready to share with you how you can be successful in business, while serving humanity and having a whole lot of fun in the process. 

If you are currently experiencing frustration or uncertainty in your business, then maybe it's time to look at a healthier approach to business and life altogether. What we've seen from coaching and mentoring hundreds of business owners is that too many of them feel overwhelmed, out of control, and are focusing on the wrong things.

This approach is definitely not for everyone. If you are just looking to make more money or learn some quick marketing tricks, then this is not for you. But if you are looking to create a business that is not only fulfilling for you, but also has a positive impact on the world – then this is for you.

Just let me just be clear: we're all for making money... lots of it. It's just not the driving intention behind why we do things!

AWAKE BUSINESS is about having it all. Purpose, fulfilment and profit. 

21st Century Business success is not only about the foundations of starting and running a conscious business, it's also an opportunity to look at your existing business and quickly see where you can make adjustments in order to expand your vision and deepen your impact.

This is an invitation to truthful stock taking and genuine support to help you bring your vision to life.

Here are some of the guiding principles of AWAKE BUSINESS

Find out how to start or upgrade your existing business

How to create an authentic vision for your business that is aligned with your true purpose and how to stay in integrity with yourself as you manifest their vision. Bring high effectiveness and authenticity to all areas of your business for true business success.

Discover the 5 criteria on how to measure business success in the 21st century

Business success in the 21st century is evaluated in 5 core areas. This includes conscious leadership, an aligned vision, effective, profitable operations and measurable impact on the world.

How Authenticity and Effectiveness will become your GPS

We establish how authentic and effective a company operates. We've found that these two simple filters alone offer the biggest insight as to how successful a company is and will be.


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